Лучшие CMS интернета бесплатно для создания сайта

WordPress installation

Regardless of the fact that, CMS WordPress is used mainly for blogs on the global ratings it is the best system for the site.

Preparation of hosting for WordPress.

For the WordPress installation we need to have a hosting with the configured Ftp access, MySQL database version 5.0, PHP version 5.2.4.
For example we will consider the free hosting This hosting supports MySQL version 5.0, PHP version 5.2.4. and above.
After a simple registration on this hosting server automatically creates the necessary we database and configures Ftp access. All the data for hosting within 15 minutes will come to You a letter in the mail.

The preparation of the archive WordPress to be installed.

And so with hosting decided now download the CMS WordPress 3.3. and extract the archive folder of wordpress.
In order to download the files from wordpress folder on the hosting use Russified Manager file uploads Fillezila.

Perform the connection of the program to the database. To do this, open the tab: the File Manager / site / New site

In this window we need to fill in three positions: host, user, password. To fill these fields open letter from the host. Fill in and click connect.

Now we need to files from разархивированной wordpress folder to move to the database server. To do this, open the database in the right of the program window, and from the left window simply drag the files of the folder in the right side window.

After moving the files to the server (this may take about 30 minutes — it all depends on the context of Your ISP’s server hosting), open a browser ( I’m using Chromium ) in the browser’s address bar write: it is in my case. You, instead of write the name of your database and press enter.

Installing WordPress on hosting.


Click : Create a configuration file.

In this window installation publishers explain that if You do not get the following window data entry hosting, you should be able to enter data, you can manually edit the file distribution under the name of wp-config.php.(do not edit it in Notepad). Files such extensions are editing an appropriate programme of Notepad.

In our case, the hoster we did not disappoint, data input screen appears.


As in the case with the connecting programme Fillezila in this window, you must enter the data sent You the letter from the host.

Here is a message should appear, if You correctly entered all. Click: Starting the installation.

In this window we need to enter the Title of the site, user name, password, and email. In paragraph privacy uncheck until the site is not filled with unique content You don’t want it indexed in the search engines. After entering click: Install WordPress.

That’s all installation site on WordPress is complete! You can open a browser and type in the address bar is the address of Your site, or even easier to press the button Enter.