Лучшие CMS интернета бесплатно для создания сайта

The theme for WordPress CMS

Themes for CMS WordPress on the Internet can be found without much difficulty. But before download first favorite theme weigh all «for» and «against», You with this theme, there is still a lot of and a lot of work.

How to choose a theme for the site to WordPress.

First of all you should decide on the theme of the site, there is no need to put on the cooking site theme of IT technologies. On this site, visitors will not be a long stay… just need to choose the topic from the site: if You make your site business card, then there is no need to put the topic with two-batch and in addition with horizontal menu on the business card You can just couple of pages, and if You want to do multi-page site with hundreds of pages, You can not do without a subject with многовкладочными vertical and horizontal menu. The main background of the site choose the light. On the bright background is easier to work with insert images, only in rare cases, You will need to insert images with a transparent background. If You do not want to meet on the Internet site of the twin, choose the theme of the desired functionality. The cap logo, all this can be changed, and the functionality varies only with the help of additional installed plug-ins.

  • A very interesting topic under the title: coffee-desk. A perfect site for IT.


Immediately catches the eye of the original design idea of the theme: on the computer desktop coffee Cup in the form of RSS feeds, закладочное menu and the name of the theme in the iPhona, wide side menu. The designers of the themes have worked on glory!

Download the theme: coffee-desk.

  • Topic called: italian restaurant wp. Well suited for the cooking of the site or the site of Your restaurant.


The theme has a two-колоночное side menu and not conspicuous многовкладочное horizontal menu that immediately distinguishes this topic among many others.

Download the theme: italian restaurant wp.

  • Topic called: leopard mac. This theme can be used for the sites of different thematics.

The main background of the theme is made in dark colors, theme banner is something mysterious glowing violet light in the horizon.

Download the theme: leopard mac.

  • Topic called: gadgetizer, as well as the previous issue, can be used for the sites of various subjects.

The theme has a light background this is a big plus theme. The theme has a very nice logo, which guide this topic to the category of IT technologies.

Download the theme: gadgetizer.

  • Topic called: HighLightKey. Theme is the orientation on the sites of flower shops.

Positive features of this topic: a light background, a two-колоночное menu oriented on the one hand, rapid access to the horizontal menu.

Download the theme: HighLightKey

  • Topic called: mouseit. The orientation of the topics on the sites of IT technologies.

Another masterpiece of the designer’s ideas. All very comfortable, nice and easy.

Download the theme: mouseit

  • Topic called Blue_Zen. Very original theme in shades of gray, there are two horizontal (for pages and headings) menu and one vertical with a standard set of widgets.


Скачать тему: Blue_Zen

  • Тема Mozzie.Красивая продуманная тема с сайдбаров в правой части сайта. Логотип при желании легко меняется на свой. Перед первой записью расположен слайдер из фотографий, которые можно самостоятельно загрузить и указать.


Download the theme: Mozzie.

  • Topic SinCrew.Лаконичный fresh template from an unknown Creator-enthusiast. Bright blue color of the hat and gray textured background attract attention and at the same time this does not distract from the basic material on the site.


Download the theme: SinCrew

  • Topic Nutrition_for_Mind.Отличный choice for a site about health, nutrition and lifestyle. In the template there is support for widgets, social bookmarking, search forms, and much more.


Download the theme: Nutrition_for_Mind

  • The theme of the sliding-door.Новая version of the theme Sliding Door supports the WordPress 3.0+. You can use the custom menu, set your background. Note that a black background for the main text is not changed (can only be through changes in the file style.css). The side columns located to the left and to the right of the main text, виджетизированы.


Предпросмотр темы sliding-door

Download the theme: sliding-door

  • The theme of alpine. This is a modern theme for WordPress. Looking for a professional template to create a site about the nature? This template is for real travelers.


Download the theme: alpine