Лучшие CMS интернета бесплатно для создания сайта

Setting up the CMS WordPress

One of the most important in setting up WordPress is: selection and the installation of the theme. The topic must be selected under the scheduled the theme of the site, that is, if You plan to create a business website, then you must have a business theme, if You plan to site a tourist, then accordingly the theme of tourism — rest.

To set a theme for WordPress.

Of course, install a theme you can from the admin panel of the system of WordPress. This is done in the tab: appearance/themes/installing themes.

установка тем wordpress

Here, You can put more than 20 parameters of search You want a WordPress theme. After submission of all search parameters press the button: to Find. All elementary and just…
But, sometimes hosting doesn’t allow you to find the, in this case, you can download a theme, and this topic install via FTP access to the files of the site.

After you have downloaded a theme for WordPress, it needs to be decompressed. Then run the free FTP client and connect to Your site. After the connection with the site, copy the theme for WordPress in a folder: wp-content/themes.

Next, go to the WordPress admin panel and select in the left menu, select «appearance». In the menu that opens select «Theme».

Тема оформления WordPress

By clicking on the button: Preview, you can see how it will look like this theme, and click the button: Activate You run it.

Выбор темы WordPress

Setting up WordPress — the heading of the site.

The cap of a site on WordPress: this image is in the upper part of the site. Standard image appears after the installation site, can be changed. This is done as follows.

Create an image in any photo editor with a size of 1000 x 288 pixels and save on your computer. Next go to the admin panel of the site on the tab: appearance/cap. Click: Browse, and select the saved image.

Загрузка темы WordPress

Click: Download the file. Check the box corresponding to the image, and press the button Save changes.
Can also be set in the setup wordpress appearance of caps in random order:

Случайный выбор темы WordPress

Ready-made hats sites You can download here. Move on to the next step the setup of WordPress. Also with the help of editing CSS styles, you can change the width of the cap of the site and the title of WordPress.

Setting up WordPress — background of the site.

Setting the background color is in the admin panel of the site, in the tab: appearance/background.

Настройка фона WordPress

In this tab you can set the color of the background by clicking on the button: Select a color, and save the changes. And also, you can upload a background image, click a button, Review, and save the changes.

Ready-made image of the background of the web sites you can download here. Proceed to the next step setup wordpress site.

Setting up WordPress — menu.

Menu of the site is one of the most important items in the settings. After all, what is more convenient navigation on a site, the more visitors are willing to remain on the site. In Вордпресс you can use: the standard menu, vertical menu — organized with the help of plug-ins and flash menu.

For the beginning we shall consider the functions and settings of the standard menu. Setting up wordpress menu is made in the admin panel of this site in the tab: appearance/menu.

Меню WordPress

If You are going to implement a multi-page site on CMS WordPress, You can not do without the hierarchy of the pages in the menu. This is done as follows added pages in the menu, the page which should be nested, just installed on the internal level. If Your WordPress theme no vertical menu, realize it can with the help of jQuery plugin Vertical Mega Menu. If not there is a horizontal menu, also implement this disadvantage can be using jQuery plugin Mega Menu. Download these plug-ins can be here.