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Caps for the CMS WordPress

Good day. Today we talk with you about hats for the CMS, WordPress. Standard caps CMS WordPress few people like, so every webmaster almost immediately her changes. But where to get the cap for WordPress?Answer easy — to download from the world wide web! Good for WordPress in the Internet a lot of things can be found. You can download Your favorite hat-coordinated under the CMS WordPress, but the uniqueness of this cap will not be, the same hat You can find on other sites. Therefore, the cap for the main page of the site I prefer to do it myself and You that I recommend!

For the manufacture of hats, I advise You to use the standard Windows program Paint it has a simple interface and all of it is on your computer, and graphics the output files do not take up a lot of memory. If you do not have the options of this program can take advantage of the specialized program on creation of caps XHeader.

Installing the cap is very simple and is described me to the page: setting up the CMS WordPress and boils down to the fact that the graphic image through the admin panel is loaded into the template of the CMS hosting.

Image caps the size of 1000х288 pixels.


Also, I would draw Your attention to the fact that the caps in the WordPress consist of two parts. The first part is the name of the site (Header), and the second part of the cap — this is the image.
Both of these pieces of caps, can be easily edited using CSS styles about it you can read the article: How to reduce the width of the cap WordPress?, and also there is a possibility of installation of banners and search strings.