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A widget for WordPress CMS

The widget is an independent unit of the content, which can be placed in the side columns or in the basement are provided for in your topic.

To fill their widgets, in the admin panel of Your CMS, drag the headers of the widgets in the area. By default, shall be disclosed only to the first area. To fill out the rest of the region, expand them by clicking on the appropriate headings.
The widget is installed as a plug-in, in other words plug-in is installed wordpress, but after installation it be converted to a widget.

Consider a few of the standard and commonly used widgets WordPress.

Widget WordPress text.

виджет текстThis is a very convenient widget, it is used to insert any HTML code on the page of the CMS WordPress. For example we have a HTML-code interpreter site, втавляем it in the widget and place a widget where want to see it on the site (in the sidebar or the area of the basement).

As a result of adding the widget to the site we would get:


виджет RSSThis widget is used to display RSS feeds on a website. You need only add the URL of the RSS feeds and place the widget in the desired location of the display of the tape. Some web hosts do not support RSS tape, for an exit from this position you can use the special service Feedburner to create RSS feeds.

Widget WordPress page.

виджет страницыThis widget is used to insert in a certain area — sidebar all the pages of Your site in the hierarchical form of the publication date.

Widget WordPress archives.

виджет архивыThis widget is used if You are constantly updating your site new content.
The widget shows the added content on the month and year of publication.

Widget management.

виджет wordpress

This widget is designed to display in sidebare main links for the management of CMS WordPress. These links for beauty and a pleasant perception of the eye can be adjusted by using CSS styles.